Syed-Sunni sacred family tree

Salam ‘Aleykum,

I read in a prophetic Hadith:

ثلاث لا يزلن في أمتي حتى تقوم الساعة : النياحة والمفاخرة في الأنساب والأنواء

Anas ibn Malik (ra) said: The Prophet SAWS said: Three of the signs of ignorance(Jahiliyyah) will remain in my nation until the day of judgement: Wailing over the dead, boasting about lineage and attributing the fall of rain and the coming of clouds to the stars.

While it is narrated by Abu Huraira (ra) that: the Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon him) observed: Two (things) are found among men which are tantamount to unbelief: slandering one’s lineage and lamentation on the dead.

أربع في أمتي من أمر الجاهلية ، لا يتركونهن : الفخر في الأحساب ، والطعن في الأنساب ، والاستسقاء بالنجوم ، والنياحة . وقال : النائحة إذا لم تتب قبل موتها ، تقام يوم القيامة وعليها سربال من قطران ، ودرع من جرب

Abu Malik al-Asa’ari (ra) said: The Prophet SAWS said: Four signs of ignorance in my nation and they will not leave them, they are: boasting in pride about the lineage, slandering one’s lineage, seeking rain from the stars and wailing over the dead.

All three are Sahih.

And if you wanted to see a family tree directly related to the Prophet SAWS here you go, (Some of the family members of this tree don’t fear Allah though  ) Raja Faisal


One thought on “Syed-Sunni sacred family tree

  1. N April 3, 2014 / 4:57 am

    i still dont get it why Syed cant marry other (only Syeda) i mean we are equals and just same human being in front of God. any explanation?

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